Galati Cheese Company Ltd

Owned and Operated by the Galati Family

Locally Produced

Mr. Galati
Our Master Cheese Maker

About Us

Two things can be said outright about Galati Cheese Co. Ltd.: Product quality is number one and customers are regarded with the greatest importance.

Galati's secret? Its product is all natural, made 100 per cent with milk and without additives or artificial flavours.

"Quality is number one," states manager Pete Piazza. "That's what the people in Windsor want."

That's what Galati Cheese Co. Ltd. delivers.

The only cheese manufacturer in southwestren Ontario, Galati provides on-site prepared products and services to area delicatessens, grocery stores and pizzerias. The company also distributes to London, the Sarnia area and to the U.S.

All cheese products are specialities, including owner Joe Galati's hand-made scamorza and gourd-shaped provelleti. The product list is diverse and includes everything from ricotta to caciocavallo, puitri, bocconcini, trece, tuma, twist cheese, arabic cheese, mozzarella and mozzerella balls. For the benefit of Galati customers parmesan and regginiano are imported directly from Italy and supplied on a regular basis.

"A family operation is one of the keys to staying number one." says Joe who smiles when he asks to be referred to as "Just Joe - that's what people call me - just, Joe."

When a business is small it has the ability to deal with customers one-on-one. "We know what our customers want, what they like and we deliver."

In the business of cheese-making for 21 years, Galati's success can be charted by its continual growth since 1988. Production has quadrupled yet the same number of employees are responsible for the operation of making cheese with a combined process of Italian and Canadian mothod.

There have been some changes in the cheesemaking equipment but for the most part the process is based on centuries-old traditional techniques.

Cleanliness is also critical to the operation at the cheese company. Meticulous caution and care are taken to ensure top quality in every aspect of the production.

Galati Cheese Company Ltd. is entering the new millennium with focus on continued superior quality of product and customer service with some expansion planned. The company will take over the neighbouring buildings as warehouse space. New, 1100 square foot refrigerators will be built and a new boiler will triple the company's capacity for production.

"We want to thank all our customers," says Joe, emphatically stating that the company is only getting bigger - not changing their traditional family-style operation of specialized cheese-making. "We want our customers to continue to be satisfied, to keep coming back in years to come for a product that is guaranteed to be number one."

Source: The Windsor Star
Wednesday, December 29, 1999